Covered With Love 914, LLC
Covered With Love 914, LLC
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My Exercise of Choice: Prayer movement with Jesus on the Mat  

Mark 12:30 says Love the Lord your God with all  your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. (NIV)

With Christ-centered prayer movement practice you can Be Still and have time on your mat to know that He is your God (Psalm 46:10). He wants you to spend time with Him and worship with your whole mind, body, heart, and soul.  I want to provide you the opportunity on your mat for this time of connection.

Imagine a practice where you are a doer of those words, benefitting physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually by incorporating your faith in God. Christians find that Christ-centered and Bible focused movement is a wonderful way to deeper their worship and allow times of stillness to meditate, listen for His voice, or simply worship.  I like to think of Christian yoga as a prayer in motion.  My war room is my space where I spend time on my mat with Christ-centered yoga.  The practice begins with prayer, includes Christian music, scripture, movement, postures of prayer, and ends with prayer.  

If you would like to experience  God’s presence and love, or simply reconnect with Christ, then we need to set up time on the mat. I am grateful to be able to provide others with time on the yoga mat to Be Still.  I invite you to spend time with me in my war room.  Offerings include chair yoga and gentle yoga - 1:1, groups, and events.

All for the glory of God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost.


Your Yogafaith Instructor

Covered with Love 914

Proactive HEALth ~ Yoga Pose at Sunset
Proactive HEALth ~ Mind, Body, Heart, & Soul
Christ-Focused Yoga Offerings:


1:1 Session

Wedding Day Yoga

Wedding Preparation

Corporate Yoga

Private Group

Birthday Celebrations

Family Events

Co-worker Sessions

Support Groups 

The Lord has told you what is good.
 He has told you what he wants from you:
Do what is right to other people.
 Love being kind to others.
 And live humbly, trusting your God.
~ Micah 6:8 (ICB)

If you are interested in Christ focused yoga, please reach out. Sharing the love and word of Jesus all while moving your body is my ministry mission ~ Worshipping with your Mind, Body, Heart, and Soul. 

I would be honored and humbled to spend time on the mat with you and your Father, your Healer, your Counselor, and your Advocate, your Messiah.

Your Yogafaith Instructor 

Covered with Love 914, LLC 
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